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When you ask a professional to design something, you don’t want them to just recreate. You want them to show you ideas that surprise and inspire. I pride myself on just that. Originality.

The result is stunning design that works – Art that has purpose in day to day life.


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It takes patience and dedication to become a proficient Maker but the real value is the storeroom of experience based knowledge that you gain.

Whether I'm taking a piece from conception, through the making process to completion myself or simply designing, I will always incorporate that experience into my pieces.


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the pilot behind the designs

The daughter of an engineer and an artist, I was born in Aotearoa and grew up in outback Australia.

After serving five years in the Royal New Zealand Airforce I left to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot.

While continuing to fly part time, I studied Furniture Design and Making in which I could invest the technical knowledge I had gained and my love of physics into my designs in order to further push the boundaries of my creations.

After establishing Designpilot in Auckland, I am now settled in Wellington with my husband Justin and loyal workshop dogs, Moko and Pipi and am expecting my first baby any day now!


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Wellington, Aotearoa, New Zealand

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